Human Design for Business

with Caroline Lynda

Grow and scale your business by stepping into the role of CEO and creating a strong energetic foundation for your impact and income

I know you want to grow and scale an amazing business, that lights you up, that brings you the impact, and the income you truly desire.
Business is a beautiful opportunity to have the freedom and flexibility you crave, but right now, that might feel like the farthest thing from the truth. I get that. I feel you. And I am here to turn the idea of normal on its head and allow you to step into doing business in a way that feels right for you!
The best bit... powerful mindset and marketing means that all this can be done with flow, and no #hustle.
How do I know? 'Cause over the last 3 years, I have worked through my 3 steps of energy, identity and strategy, to build a business that sets my soul on fire. Now it is time for you to do the same. Without making all the mistakes. With me there to guide you every step of the way.

Hi! I'm Caroline Lynda…

Hi, I’m Caroline, mum of 2 young girls, business owner, and lover of all things online business.

I help you go from overwhelmed and stressed, to aligned and successful, without the hard work and hustle!

Powerful understanding and shifts in your energy, identity and strategy are key.

I know that Human Design is the key to you harnessing your uniqueness and creating a life of success on your terms.

And I am standing by to show you how.

So, let's get started right now with the options below!

Let's begin the journey

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Ways to Work with Me

Life and Business By Human Design Blueprints

These personalised blueprints are the guide to your chart that you have been looking for. Cut through the jargon and the information overload with a clear and concise map of your unique energy.

Sessions and Consulting


Ready to dive deeper into your Human Design and Business with Caroline? Why not check out the current offers for sessions and consulting available. This is a great way to harness Caroline's unique Projector perspective.

On the Podcast

Find the latest episodes of the Life and Business By Human Design Show on the dedicated site

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Your way with words and delivery to articulate information is incredible. Your honesty and energy is pure truth... the care you take to make sure it's understood... you inspire me... your application in life and business and your attitude and energy just feels like harmony


Lynn Srane


I can’t recommend highly enough taking the time to sit down with Caroline and go through that process, capturing all of the goals and intentions you have for your business, and also discovering things you were too scared to admit that you wanted to achieve or create.


Elle Duggan




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